Hey there! I'm Kim and I design happier lives.

Whether you are a struggling mom trying to find your passion or a successful business person looking for more, I help you turn your life into a happier one - starting today.

My journey towards a happier life included the loss of our family income, nearly losing my home, moving half-way around the world, the murder of my brother and navigating the justice system for nearly two years.

If I can find a happier life through that, then trust me
when I say, “You can do this!”



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Start by doing what's necessary-francis

4 Words Holding You Back and One Will Surprise You

There are all sorts of words that when spoken can hold you back. Words like can’t, impossible and won’t are perfect examples. When I started thinking about words that might be holding me back, I really took note of what I was saying and hearing in various conversations with family, friends, clients and acquaintances. I […]

KY0070-You can change the past hope for the future but the only thing you can change is this moment. kim yuhl

Be The Present By Staying In The Present

One of my biggest struggles is keeping my mind focused on what I am doing right now. Do you know what I mean? My mind wanders, and it wanders all over the place. Mostly it is thinking about what to do next, my next big idea or looking back on what I could have done […]

KY0069-forgiveness is powerful as long as you remember you are the only player that matters.

5 Thoughts To Help You Forgive Even When It Seems Impossible

I realize I have a unique perspective on forgiveness. I also realize not everyone can understand or even fathom the journey I have been on to get to the place where I now reside. Forgiveness has made me more kind and compassionate. It has expanded my perspective and has allowed my heart to hurt a […]


Putting Evil Into Perspective

Right before the horrific court brawl on Friday, I saw this quote from Growing Bolder’s Facebook Page:   Little did I know that this quote would be so relevant to me in the coming hours. Talk about getting guidance when you need it most. I took my hermit-like behavior to a whole new level over the […]

103-You never know how strong you are- Bob Marley

From Next of Kin to Victims

I have tried remain and act from a place of love for the almost two-year journey through my brother’s murder to his murderer’s sentencing.  Somehow I had to find it within me to honor my brother while not focusing on how his life ended. It has been a struggle every day to not allow the […]


When Justice Finally Comes

In just a few short days, my family, close family friends and I will be in a courtroom awaiting the final sentencing of my brother’s murderer. We have been hoping for justice and waiting for this day for almost two years and now that it is almost here, I can’t help but think, “What happens […]

Start by doing what's necessary-francis

The Hardest Part is Always Starting

Let me start by asking are you a procrastinator? How many times have uttered the phrase: “I’ll start tomorrow?” Or what about “when I get paid,” “when I get promoted,” or “when I lose 5 pounds.” You get the idea. There’s always an excuse for you not to start. I love this quote by Arthur Ashe: […]

102-Be the change that you wish to see. - Gandhi

Overcoming Challenges to Practicing Gratitude

Even though there is a strong movement towards practicing gratitude, it can still be hard to truly feel and practice it. I know I still struggle on days and sometimes that struggle lasts far too long. Those challenges include both psychological and social challenges. Meaning we will talk about our perceptions of gratitude and how others […]

quotes-the answer is never buying more stuff. kim yuhl

The Art of Conscious Consumption

What is consumerism? According to the dictionary: con·sum·er·ism.  noun. kənˈso͞oməˌrizəm/ The belief that it is good for people to spend a lot of money on goods and services. Basically, consumerism is buying more stuff – the absolute opposite mentality needed for a more simple life. I have asked a lot of people what makes them […]

Quote-Relationships and happiness-Kim Yuhl

The Importance of Creating Connections

Social connections and relationships are responsible for the highest scores on a personal happiness survey conducted at the University of Illinois by Ed Diener and Martin Seligman. Their goal was to find the most important characteristics shared by students who were very happy and showed the fewest signs of depression. The overwhelming contributor to their happiness were “their […]