Is Life Too Distracting?


Phone in your hand, TV on in the background and your laptop is on your lap – does that sound familiar? Think back on this last week, how many times during a conversation were you distracted with your smart phone, something on TV or your surroundings? We know we shouldn’t,…

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Types of Habits

Make a habit of two things-hippocrates

Habits serve a purpose beyond that of facilitating change. Habits provide certainty. When our day happens as expected, we can stop worrying about what’s next. If we aren’t worrying about what’s next then we make better decisions and as a result our day becomes better. Habits, the good ones at…

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The Financial Life Zone


I get more questions surrounding the financial life zone than any other. I find that interesting because there is no direct correlation between the level of income and the level of happiness. Yes, more money will make things easier but it really can’t buy happiness.  The reality is money is…

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My Happiness Journey


I talk through my journey towards happiness amidst a slide slow of pictures from my life. I hope you enjoy. There were many catalysts that led to my decision to embark on a journey towards happiness. One was watching a daughter’s friend twirling around in her princess dress with that…

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The Emotional Life Zone

Your emotions are the slaves to your

Where the health life zone focuses on your physical well-being, the emotional life zone focuses on your mental well-being. Our emotions are influenced by everything we encounter. We either experience a positive emotion or a negative one. You even have an emotional reaction to something that is dismissed because it isn’t…

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