What is Embracing Happy?

KY0085-EMBRACING HAPPY is a way of life - kim yuhl (1)

I have been using the hashtag #embracinghappy for awhile now. And I am often asked what embracing happy means. Embracing happy is the name of my new book (available next week), my new online course and my philosophy on … [Read more...]

Putting Evil Into Perspective

image source: growingbolder.com

Right before the horrific court brawl on Friday, I saw this quote from Growing Bolder's Facebook Page:   Little did I know that this quote would be so relevant to me in the coming hours. Talk about getting … [Read more...]

From Next of Kin to Victims

103-You never know how strong you are- Bob Marley

I have tried remain and act from a place of love for the almost two-year journey through my brother's murder to his murderer's sentencing.  Somehow I had to find it within me to honor my brother while not focusing on how his … [Read more...]

When Justice Finally Comes

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In just a few short days, my family, close family friends and I will be in a courtroom awaiting the final sentencing of my brother's murderer. We have been hoping for justice and waiting for this day for almost two years and … [Read more...]

The Hardest Part is Always Starting


Let me start by asking are you a procrastinator? How many times have uttered the phrase: “I’ll start tomorrow?” Or what about “when I get paid,” “when I get promoted,” or “when I lose 5 pounds.” You get the idea. There’s … [Read more...]