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  • Curious 94%
  • Optmistic 82%
  • Grateful 88%
  • Compassionate 81%
Hi! I’m Kim. If you are new here then you are probably wondering what I do. Well, I’m a writer, teacher and happiness activist. I am fighting for happier lives.

I believe there is a happiness movement going on. I also believe the quest to be happier is driving people further away from happiness.

Happiness is work and it’s more than choosing it or finding some habits that you think will help. Happiness is more about attitude and less about the actual actions.

In fact, through five years of research and reading everything I can get my hands on the subject, I’ve learned there are twelve happiness attitudes we need to cultivate to live our best life. You can see a few mine on the left. Want to learn more?


Americans that say they are very happy.

Close friends needed to improve happiness.

On average, the number of years we spend worrying.


The amount of your happiness within your control.

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