When Happy People are Unhappy


This weekend was a tough one. In case you didn't hear through the millions of photos posted on Facebook and Twitter, Friday was National Siblings Day. There were literally tons of siblings celebrating each other through … [Read more...]

Please Don’t Call Me a Life Coach

107- i put my heart and sould into my work and lost my mind in the process. vincent van gogh

Since the release of my book, Embracing Happy, last week, everyone seems to want to give me a title.  Personally, I tell people I write. It's simple, to the point and it is what I do. Apparently though, that isn't good enough … [Read more...]

What is Embracing Happy?

KY0085-EMBRACING HAPPY is a way of life - kim yuhl (1)

I have been using the hashtag #embracinghappy for awhile now. And I am often asked what embracing happy means. Embracing happy is the name of my new book (available next week), my new online course and my philosophy on … [Read more...]