EH #10 – Life Coach Yourself Happy

Have you ever stopped to think that the

So here’s the deal. Life coaching is the new black. You see life coaches all over the place and they make it seem like you can’t get to where you want to go without one. They come in all areas of expertise, work, money, relationships, health, … [Read more]

One Saturday Night

Sometimes you get the right message at

Note: I recently began a non-fiction writing workshop and our first assignment was to write a memoir piece. So for the first time, I am writing about THE night that changed my life and prompted to begin my happiness journey. After writing, I realized … [Read more]

5 on Fridays for May 15, 2015

5 on Fridays-5.15.15

Welcome to the first 5 on Friday. Every Friday, I will bring you five things that helped me embrace happy in the last week. From books to blogs, from a podcast to a song, from a quote to an action - this is meant to be some fun, quick and easy ways … [Read more]

Embracing Happy #7 – Mindfulness


Is Mindfulness really that important? The short answer is yes! Mindfulness has always been a bit scary to me. I used to link mindfulness with meditation and sitting still without thoughts for 20 minutes. I considered myself a complete failure at … [Read more]

Embracing Happy #5 with Kate Cobb


Get Started Writing The Best Seller That Will Boost Your Business Have you ever wanted to write a book? Or maybe you want to write to help your business grow? Well, if want to learn how to tell your story, then this is the episode for you. … [Read more]

Embracing Happy # 4 – Optimism


Have you ever noticed how those people that walk into a room with a huge smile and always have a great attitude are so magnetic - they are always surrounded by people? You too can be more like that and it comes at the hand of an optimistic … [Read more]