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From Next of Kin to Victims

I have tried remain and act from a place of love for the almost two-year journey through my brother’s murder[...]

When Justice Finally Comes

In just a few short days, my family, close family friends and I will be in a courtroom awaiting the[...]

The Hardest Part is Always Starting

Let me start by asking are you a procrastinator? How many times have uttered the phrase: “I’ll start tomorrow?” Or[...]

Overcoming Challenges to Practicing Gratitude

Even though there is a strong movement towards practicing gratitude, it can still be hard to truly feel and practice[...]

The Art of Conscious Consumption

What is consumerism? According to the dictionary: con·sum·er·ism.  noun. kənˈso͞oməˌrizəm/ The belief that it is good for people to spend[...]

The Importance of Creating Connections

Social connections and relationships are responsible for the highest scores on a personal happiness survey conducted at the University of Illinois[...]

Stop Apologizing

Do you or someone you know have the bad habit of constantly apologizing? We have become  accustomed to apologizing for[...]

Capture the Possibility; Create A Compass

It’s 2015 and I hope you are off to a good start. There are plenty of articles out there about setting[...]

Live In The Possibility This New Year

Happy New Year! This post is full of wishes for you … and for me. I sit here with a warm cup[...]

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