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Morning person quote

I would use a photo of mine but even with my earlier rising, I am not  up early enough to capture the sunrise.
Image source: World All & Details

Hello Friday, It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood. I am happy that you’re here.

Dear Morning, I think I am going to give you a try. I know that greeting you each day has not been a priority for me but I have been reading that the most productive and most successful people go to bed earlier and get up earlier. I have been giving that a try for about a week now and I will admit to feeling more optimistic and more energized. This could simply be because I am sleeping better but who cares? If it makes me feel good, than why not?

Dear Hair, I love the no-frizz version of you. That is all.

Dear Poker, I miss you. A lot, in fact. I need to get to a table soon!

Dear Protestors, Be realistic. I get that you have momentum but fighting for democracy and then asking for an appointed council to run the country is just not right. I realize that you realize that you do not have enough votes to win the election but maybe you could work on gathering support at the polls instead of attempting to shut down the city. Just a thought.

Dear Peace, Can you go pay my mother a visit? She could certainly use you. Please and Thank You.

Dear Friends, It was sort of fun week for me. It looks like you were all having fun too. Kirsten is coming to visit in just two weeks! (YEAH!) I will be passing along hugs for her to deliver upon her return.

Dear Apartment, You are small but you sure get messy easily. Would you mind cleaning up? I have friends coming to visit.

Dear Family, I know you worry with the government being overthrown at all. I promise, it sounds much worse than it is. :-) I know you realize I have a natural curiosity towards history in the making (being at Berlin Wall the week it fell and being in Moscow during the coup against Gorbachev, to name a few) but realize I have kids now. I would never stay here if I felt they were unsafe.

Dear Teenagers, I wish you would let me hug and kiss you more.  I just love you that much.

Dear Way, You’re still hot. Lucky me.

Dear Universe, I feel your presence more these days and that is very comforting. Thanks for taking care of things and for always having my back.

Until next week, make a point to smile at a stranger. It not only brightens their day, it will brighten yours too!