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Introducing …

A done-for-you premium blogging service that gives you all of the control without any of the work.

Interesting, Relevant and High-Quality Blog Posts

There is no disputing the best strategy to getting your business known, growing your audience, and establishing your credibility is with a long-term content strategy that includes publishing regular blog posts.

As someone who has been in your shoes (you know, the shoes that are working on your business 24 x 7), I know finding time to sit down and write is practically impossible. And if by some miracle you happen to find some time, the words never seem to come. 

I’m offering high-quality blog posts that will attract your ideal customers, educate your audience, and build valuable relationships that will be the foundation for future business growth.

Optimized, Keyword-Focused and SEO Friendly Blog Posts

Just as your car needs an engine to get you from point A to point B, well content without an SEO strategy will keep your content stuck in dark struggling to find an audience.

Your content needs SEO to get noticed and capture the attention of your ideal customers. You need a solid SEO strategy to stand out from the noise and encourage your potential readers to stop the scroll.

Blogging Your Story takes care of all the details when writing your blog post, so not only do you get high-quality content, you get it optimized to find your ideal customers.

A Headache-Free, Fully-Managed Content
Marketing Strategy designed to grow your business

Done-for-you means done-for-you.

You no longer have to come up with ideas, overcome writer’s block, go through the editing process, find images, and optimize your content just to get your blog up and running. There is a proven process in place that will produce highly relevant, researched, professionally-written blog posts.

Pick a Plan

Pick a plan, answer a few questions and that’s it. The work researching your niche, determining relevant ideas and creating a comprehsive strategy gets underway.

Provide Feedback

Once the research is completed, you receive the plan including post ideas for your feedback. Once you approve the ideas, your articles are crafted, edited and optimized.

Post TO Your Blog

You’ll receive your articles in html format along with images and links. The only thing left for you to do is add them to your blog and schedule them to post.



As a two-time entrepreneur, award-winning business storyteller and the former director of marketing for a business incubator, stories have played a major role in my professional life for the last 15 years.

I’ve spent the past four years documenting, testing, altering and refining a business story process to help small business owners take the fear, awkwardness, and pain out of talking about who they are, what they do and why they do it.

Now, my team and I are helping small business owners build a blog based on story yet rooted in solid SEO and other marketing practices to get them found in the noisy digital landscape.

Stop staring at a blank screen or ignoring the need for stellar content. Instead, let me take the headache out of your content marketing so you can get back to doing what you do best – running your business.


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To ensure high-quality articles and individual attention, I limit the number of projects.
Currently, there are only 25 spots available every month. Spots remaining:


What Happens once I buy?

Answer simple questions

Once your purchase is complete, you’ll be redirected to a confirmation page with a link to a quick 5-7 minute questionnaire.

Get a Warm Welcome

You’ll receive a welcome email with what you can expect, approximate delivery timelines and other important information.

We Get To Work

We begin researching and crafting a personalized content strategy and form topic ideas that support that strategy for your approval.

I HAVE Questions!

What is your refund policy?
You have the option to request a refund until the approval of the blog topic ideas. There is no refund once blog topic ideas are approved because we offer unlimited revisions to make sure we are getting it right.  We will not stop until you are getting the quality and relevancy you are paying for. That is our guarantee.
Do I get to approve topics?
Yes! We do all the legwork and conduct research in your niche and propose popular topics that are the most likely to gain traction and attract your ideal customer.  Once we determine a viable strategy and the topics to support that strategy, we send them to you for approval. We work hard to make you feel comfortable every step of the way.
Can I approve the articles?
Yes! We send you drafts for approval and will continue to implement your feedback to ensure we are getting it right. We’re pretty good at what we do, so we have no problem making the promise of unlimited revisions to put your mind at ease.
From the time you place your order until the time you receive your completed package of blogs and images is on average three weeks. A delay in approving topics or articles and/or the amount of revisions may affect this timeline.
Can you write about my industry?
Yes! Our small team of writers are trained journalists and are experienced in researching high-quality sources, investigating the competition and gathering facts, figures and actionable advice for your articles.
Are these posts SEO optimized?
Yes, that is the purpose, after all. These articles are created with the intent of bringing more traffic to your blog.  We look for popular topics in your niche (by number of shares, number of comments, keyword popularity, etc) to make sure what we write is going to fit before we even start writing. We optimize the SEO title, description, short URL, focus keywords and more with every article.