The Brand Story Canvas will help you connect with and talk to your ideal customer in a way that inspires them to buy. Working daily on your business can make it difficult to know what story to tell and how to tell it so your potential customers will listen. The Brand Story Canvas helps you craft a better brand story to motivate action and grow your business.

The problem with most business stories and I hate to say it, but the reality is … most business stories just aren’t very good. And it’s because it’s really easy to forget who the hero of the story is. Most small business owners think they are the hero, when actually the hero of the story is the customer. It’s always the customer.


The Hero & Their Pain

Diving deep into the characteristics of your ideal customer, including what keeps them up at night, will help you talk to them in a way they will resonate with and appreciate.

The Mentor

Understanding that your role in the story is to provide guidance, support and encouragement will build trust and lasting relationships with your ideal customer.

The Results

Showing your ideal customers what their life will look like if they by your solution and what their life will look like if they don't, makes it easy for them to say yes.

The Plan & Adventure

To help your potential customer find success, you need to provide them with a plan. They are looking for clear, direct instructions on what their next steps are.

Stories get labeled either the latest trend or an old-fashioned tool. The truth is they’re both and that’s why they matter. People make decisions from the stories they hear and how those stories make them feel. Facts and figures can get people thinking, but it doesn’t inspire them to take action like a good story will.

With that said, here are some facts to get you thinking:

Lori Silverman, author of Wake Me Up When The Data is Over, interviewed over 170 business leaders in over 80 organizations about the effects of using brand stories and found:

  • 36% reported a measurable financial impact
  • 17% saw an increase in engagement
  • 17% saw more positive customer feedback

Plus there was more brand recognition, higher visibility in their niche and significant growth in both leads and new customers.

Still not convinced?

Recently, Stanford University conducted a study that showed 63% of students remembered information delivered through a story-based presentation while only 5% of the students remembered information from a fact-based presentation.

And here’s one more thing, the Advertising Research Foundation proved that “likeability” is the trait most likely to increase sales and a potential customer is twice as likely to buy when emotional triggers are used.

Ready to become memorable and more likeable?