Here I am with the obligatory year-end, New Year’s post.

So, bear with me.

I took a week off from my digital life to enjoy my family being under one roof again and to ponder, process and plan for the new year and all the changes that it will bring.

In exactly one month, I will become homeless. Thankfully, by choice.

Many people do not understand my desire to be a nomad, and I’ve accepted that.

I’ve also accepted the fact, that I am different than most.

While most adults crave roots and the sense of belonging, I find it restrictive. I get my sense of belonging by experiencing and sharing new things.

I won’t lie … it’s scary to think I won’t have a home. Really, really scary.

But it’s also exciting. And thrilling. And invigorating. And what is it they say? … Home is where your heart is? Well, I’m counting on it.

New Year’s and The Dreaded Resolutions

As I begin to visualize what I want 2018 to look like, I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to approach the dreaded task of making a resolution.

I really hate the idea of resolutions. So much so, that for years my resolution was to drink more champagne because I knew I could keep that one.

Then I started adopting a word as a theme for the year. Well, that was good and all, but the word sort of left my vocabulary by March.

So, this year, I decided to write my story. I am all about the story after all. It’s a long one, so I will only share the highlights.


The first thing that came to mind was the word infinite. While I don’t want to attach myself to one word … If I was forced to choose one it would be infinite.

Looking forward, I know there is potential for:

  • Infinite Adventure
  • Infinite opportunities for doing good
  • Infinite ways I can continue to grow
  • Infinite excuses for showing kindness

Basically, the possibility for 2018 is infinite.

Now, I realize that also means there are infinite possibilities to fail, to wither and to get stuck. But that’s the challenge, right?

I am choosing to live in the possibility of every moment and use every moment to create more growth, kindness, and adventure.

I guess you can say that’s my motto for 2018.

2018 by The Numbers

Numbers kept popping up as I wrote my story. Because let’s face it, I am a planner. And once a planner, always a planner.

Seems a little odd to say that as I embark on a nomadic lifestyle, but it is what it is.

So here is how my 2018 will look in numbers.


I will help 5,000 business owners tell better brand stories. It’s true that I am not providing 1:1 marketing consulting anymore.

My main business goal for 2018 is to put my brand story content into the hands business owners with pay what you can pricing. No more excuses for bad stories, people! More coming in the next week on this.


I will walk or run 750 miles over the course of the year. Not much to be said about this one except that it will be mostly walking unless I’m late for a flight, then I’ll run like the wind.

I like to walk, I need to move. So there you have it.


I will complete 150 yoga or Barre 3 sessions throughout the year. And to be clear, I am defining one session as 45 minutes. I tend to do 15-minute mini-yoga and mini-Barre 3 sessions periodically throughout the day to keep me moving, so I had to get clear before the motivation wears off and the laziness sets in.


I will write 50 personal and 50 business blogs this year. I’m going to be doing all this cool stuff, and I want to share it. Not to mention, I need the therapy this space provides.


I will visit ten countries. I know for sure I’m spending January and February in the U.S. and a few months in China. But the rest of the year is wide open. Any suggestions?

I have chosen my first few destinations …. (drumroll, please)

I will be in Sanya, China for the month of March. I wanted to be close to Way and Brennan (both of whom will be teaching in China), be warm and on a beach. Way and I will travel around the country on the weekends.

In April, I will head back to this side of the world and settle in Tulum, Mexico. Because … well, Mexico.

In May, I will be moving Carter out of his dorm and then we’ll both head over to China for a few weeks as Way wraps up his term. Following that, we’re thinking Europe, but nothing is written in stone. Which brings up another motto for 2018, and honestly for my life …

Everything is subject to change without notice.


I will build one school. Remember those 5,000 business owners that will pay what they can to stop telling bad brand stories? Well, by paying want they can, they will be contributing to the school I’m going to build with the help of Pencils of Promise.

Yep, one of my goals for 2018 is to build a school. I can think of nothing better than to educate future leaders, leaders with a global view and that will fight for solutions to help the less fortunate.

I’ve always considered myself a citizen of the world. Working for Pan Am for 7 years probably has something to do with that. Maybe that’s why the putting down roots thing hasn’t really worked for me.

Doing good in my community has always been important to me, and I wanted to make sure I kept a focus on giving back as I traipse around the world. So I’m building a school.

And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Final Thoughts

As I leave you to celebrate the New Year and all the infinite possibility it holds, remember …

You are the creator of your story. You can make this year anything you want it to be. It just takes a little imagination and the belief that you can.

So, Think big and believe!

I am wishing you and yours the very happiest of New Years. May 2018 be the story of your dreams.