Earlier this week, I read this quote by Larry D. Turners,

“On any given Monday I am one sale closer and one idea away from being a Millionaire. “

And that got me thinking what if I exchanged “sale” for “story?”

Can you be one story closer?

One story closer …
to finding new customers?

One story closer …
to growing your business?

One story closer …
to earning enough money to stop worrying about it?

It sounds a little like wishful thinking, doesn’t it? But then I thought some more.

I know without a doubt that:

You have a story in you that will connect deeply with your ideal customer.

You also have a story that will motivate your ideal customer to buy.

And there’s there is a story that will make marketing your business easier.

So maybe it’s not too outrageous to think you are one story closer.

And then I remembered when I was one story closer.

On a lark, back when I owned my bath and body boutique, Fizz Bath Shop, I entered a business storytelling competition hosted by Google, American Express, and YouTube.

Just a few power hitters. No pressure.

I didn’t think of myself as a good writer, much less a storyteller and I had to be on camera, which terrified me at the time.

Let’s not forget that I had no idea what the heck I was doing.

But I did it anyway.

And after 1,732,548 retakes (okay, that might be a slight exaggeration), I submitted my business story. And guess what? I won.

I sort of wish I could say I didn’t win and share a life lesson here, but I did win. I not only won a cash prize, but I was gifted a dedicated Google account representative to teach me about digital advertising, and I was featured on YouTube’s homepage during Small Business Saturday.

After that feature, my sales quadrupled, I was featured in a national magazine, and my wholesale business was born out of demand.

So you can say, I was one story closer. One story closer to:

  • Growing my business.
  • Finding more of your ideal customers.
  • Eliminating my money worries.

That’s why I believe in the power of story so strongly. I’ve seen how it changed my business and I know it can change yours too.

So when you struggle to figure out what to try next to get people to take notice, just remember …

You’re one story closer.